reliable or scam ?

reliable or scam ?

2023-07-16 ، 11:44:57

We want to talk about this topic what are the differences between reliable and legitimate investment sites and scam sites and how can we determine which site you can trust the most and invest in it and which sites are not reliable. Stay with us until the end of this blog.

Investment sites that do not have malicious intentions for people's money and intend to continue their activities for a long time, have a series of features.First let's check only the technical features.

  • The first feature is, pay attention to the address carefully, the site must has HTTPS security. In order to have HTTPS security, the server hosting company must demand authentication documents from the site owner. Well, of course, this is not enough reason and the owner of the scam site may even give a certificate to the host company to get security. But with care in this issue, at least one site that does not have security will be easily removed.
  • Second: Go to the contact page of the site. There should be several ways to communicate with the user, such as online chat, address, phone number, and widely used social networks. Legal website must be present in social networks where most of the people are present and answers people's questions there. Of course, high-level video content is also very important. Reputable companies definitely pay for good advertising content on social networks.
  • Third, that: Check the expiration date of the domain, sites that have a long-term plan, register their domain for five years or ten years.
  • Fourth, that Legitimate websites take great care in having a professional site. Too many spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes can mean that the website lacks a technical team and is run by someone who does not care about the content and articles of the site, because it lacks a long-term plan. Occasional typos on a website can happen, but too many mistakes can mean you're not on a legitimate site. Buynex technical issues are at an extremely good level and Buynex support will answer you in the shortest possible time. Buynex will respond to dear users on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,... and even in some hours of the day and night.

Next, we will talk about the differences between the Buynex site and other investment sites from the financial and monetary aspects of investment plans, the amount of interest payments.

The differences between legitimate sites and scam and fraudulent sites by examining their fundraising and profit-making plans

One of the characteristics of fraudulent investment sites is that they offer different plans to attract your capital. And the benefit of each plan is different from another plan. They give more profit to the plans that we have to pay more money to activate. This is the clearest sign that this site is a scam.

Let me explain this issue further. You all have information about paying bank interest to people's deposits in your country. And you are still aware that official state banks in Europe and America and anywhere in the world do not differentiate between the amount of people's capital and pay interest at the same rate to all capitals from a thousand dollars to a billion dollars. Why? Because banks don't have various income earning plans to use people's money in various programs according to their volume. For example, let's say a certain bank in London Since Mr.James's money is 1000 pounds, let's use it in the income project a Because project a gives less profit. Ms.Ashley's money is 20,000 pounds and we have to give her more monthly interest, so we have her money in project b. No, not at all, and banks have the same interest rate for any amount of investment. It is the same way in investment sites. If a site is legal and credible it has only one plan for monthly payment and pays one interest rate. Because in the world of cryptocurrency and forex and every financial market, you will reach a certain percentage of profit monthly with a strategy and a method.

Now, how is it that fraudulent sites have different plans from low to high money and different profits from a few profits to a lot of profit!? for example Bronze plan of paying thousand dollars with daily interest of 3% Silver plan pay $5,000 with a daily interest of 5% Golden payment plan of 10,000 dollars with daily interest of 6% The diamond plan pays $20,000 with a daily profit of 10% do you believe? This is an example of a program to scam you and lure you into choosing a more expensive plan in order to make more money. Any investment site that has different plans to pay monthly interest is definitely a fraud and leave that site immediately.

Considering that if the investment site wants to work, credible and legal, it definitely has a strategy with a certain monthly income. According to that fixed monthly income, it cannot pay different interest rates to people.

Buynex financial and investment group does not discriminate between investors and all of them give 4.8% profit. Because Buynex's strategy and how to earn money is completely clear, and this financial group earns a maximum of 10% per month and pays an amount equal to 4.8% to the investor and 0.5% as a referral bonus for 12 months.

Note that Buynex is the trustee of your money. Buynex wants to grow with an honest operation and with your help, not to add Buynex to the list of scammers