How does Buynex benefit us?

How does Buynex benefit us?

2023-07-16 ، 11:46:45

Where is the source of Buynex's income? How does Buynex benefit us? Definitely, the more transparent this issue is, the source of income, the investor will make a better decision with peace of mind. The transparency of the source of income, the clarity of the ways of capital growth, being aware of the amount of profit and loss of an investment group, can lead to the acquisition of credit for that group.

I know a lot of investment companies that advertise a lot about interest payment percentages, paying strange referrals to affiliates and so on. They never talk about what exactly they do with people's capital And unfortunately, many of us invest in an unknown site without being asked, and after a while we realize that the site is a scam because they had no plan to develop people's capital. In the continuation of its clarification, Buynex explains to people and investors exactly how it grows people's capital.

There are many ways to make a profit in the field of digital currency and forex, and of course all these methods naturally bring losses. Buynex, with a highly specialized team in the field of financial markets, using human experiences and capabilities and using the most powerful software in the field of financial markets, has achieved a strategy based on which the loss of transactions has been reduced to almost zero. Those who are active in the field of digital currency and even have trading experience are well aware of the fact that risk-free trading is impossible unless you pass on a lot of profit and are satisfied with a small profit.

For six months before the start of advertising in order to attract capital, Buynex tested its systems and gradually removed the weak points. So that these systems, using the data of Buynex's elite team, are able to bring about half a percent of profit to the group every day. It means something like 9% per month. And as you know, it pays 4.8% to the investor. One percent goes to the marketing team for the referral bonus, a few percent of Buynex costs, including servers, programming team, support team, salaries of employees who often work remotely with Buynex. And finally, a few percent remains as the profit of the Buynex group.

This was a summary of Buynex plans for the growth of your money, dear investor.