Each country a VIP member

Each country a VIP member

2023-07-16 ، 11:40:27

Hello to you If you are a manager, you can manage several tens of people; If you have the tools and talent to produce content; if you have skills in team building and training people; If you have so much self-confidence that you feel that you can handle big things easily And if you know the alphabet of digital currency and you know the stable currency Tether and the names of one or two exchanges and wallets.

If you think that it is your right to enjoy a great but stable monthly income, I invite you to a big but sweet challenge that if you can handle it for years you can relax with a great monthly income.

Buynex does not have VIP members in your country. You can be the first Buynex in your country and with effort and planning, you will get paid for your hard work in a short period of time.

Buynex is an interesting collection that has used all its efforts for honest performance. To become a Buynex VIP member, you don't need to spend a single cent, Buynex needs your art, your effort, your perseverance, and your honesty in your country. We will win with each other's help.

Buynex VIP member has several features.

  • First: There will be only one person in each country
  • Second: Unlike Buynex's policy, which does not pay referrals in a pyramid scheme, Vip member will earn referral bonuses from the second level. That is, 0.25% of any amount of capital that is attracted through your team is yours monthly. You may have an active team of 30 people, or your team may have 300 members. The more people in the team, the more capital will be attracted and the more your monthly income will be.
  • Suppose the sum of funds attracted by your team is 10 million dollars, your monthly salary is calculated like this 10,000,000 x 0.25% = 25,000. Yes, you will receive $25,000 per month. To calculate your monthly income, go to the site and open the calculator from the menu and calculate your possible income with the VIP member.
  • Third: VIP Members will be supported by Buynex advertising team in the field of advertising data. We give you tons of numbers that registered on telegram or Whatsapp and they live in your country.
  • Forth: In the annual conference of Buynex world VIP members, they will be invited at the expense of Buynex financial group.

Enter YouTube channel and Buynex website and get the necessary information. If you think you have one of those features and can help Buynex, Email to[email protected]and send your details in the form of a PDF file along with your contact number, WhatsApp or Telegram number and which country you live in and how you can help the development of Buynex in your country and what is your strategy? In addition to email, you can also contact us through Telegram and Whatsapp through the number below+44 7700 312098

After checking your potential, the group's decision will be announced to you via email or telegram, and you may be Buynex's representative in your country