Cooperate without capital

Cooperate without capital

2023-07-16 ، 11:49:58

Buynex is the only investment group in the world that respects its colleagues And the people who play a role in introducing investors and develop Buynex and tries to Pay them the most profit. Why?! Because colleagues and marketers have the most effort and work harder than the rest of the team.

The reason for this is that Buyex doesn't pay commissions in the form of a pyramid. Paying commissions in the form of a pyramid and different layers can bring a lot of capital to Buynex, but Buynex never does this, for two reasons:

  • First of all paying commissions in a pyramid form to a large number of people requires a lot of money. Buynex, with its strategy for the growth of people's capital and efforts to preserve their capital, does not have astronomical income per month to give a large part of it to the pyramid marketers. Buynex's monthly income is 8% to 9% of the company's total capital. It pays 4.8% to the investor. 0.5 % to referral 4% of expenses and salaries of technical and non-technical personel and profit of the company.
  • Well, let's not neglect our discussion. So far, we have found that Buynex only pays commission and commission equivalent to 0.5% to the first layer and level one.
  • You may ask me that at the beginning of the blog its said that Buynex respects colleagues. Now you say that he only pay 0.5% commission. What kind of respect is this? Do not hurry You will definitely be surprised to know that you will get that 0.5% for 12 months. Yes, for 12 months, that is, until the end of the contract. For example, you introduced Alex. He made a million dollar deposit on Buynex website. How much is 0.5% of one million dollars?? Tell me soon.. It seems that you are not very good at solving mathematical calculations mentally. Well, I say. It can be 5000 dollars. You will receive this 5000 dollars for 12 months.

Well, now go register and get a referral code and plan for a wonderful collaboration with Buynex