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In order to prevent cheating and phishing, it is preferable that your deposit to the Buynex website is made through your own wallet, so that if necessary, you can prove your transaction with requested documents other than the transaction hash. Buynex takes strong measures to protect your assets.

Welcome to BuyNex !

The Buynex project is an international investment project in the field of cryptocurrency, which earns profits through real-time buying and selling of currencies and real-time price fluctuations in reputable exchanges in the world.

In this plan, you will get fixed interest of 5% monthly. The referral bonus is 6%, which is paid monthly, half a percent every month.

The minimum amount of investment in Buynex is $1000 and the accepted currency is Tether. interest is paid in Tether. Investor interest and referral bonus are paid on the 1st of every month.

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Return of Principal

Buynex contract is for 12 months and you can withdraw your money after that.

Preservation of Capital

In any investment the most important issue is to preserve the principal of the capital. Earning profit is the next priority

Awesome Referral Bonus

Get equivalent to 0.5% of the invested amount for 12 months

Firmly Welfare

More welfare experience more prosperity in life by having a fixed monthly income

24 Hour Support

Response by the most experienced experts and consultants of consultants

Safe & Simple

The investment period is 12 months 5% monthly interest payment. Payment of 0.5% referral fee for 12 months

Profit Calculator

Calculate the profit of your investment in Buynex

Investment Amount (USDT)
Investors Monthly Profit (5%)
Monthly Referral Bonus (0.5%)
VIP Members Monthly Profit (1%)

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

How to register in Buynex?

All Buynex trainings, including registration, how to deposit and invest, are available in video form on the blog page.

What is the advantage of investing in Buynex compared to similar sites?

By paying reasonable profit and referral and having a professional team, Buynex tries to develop its family by relying on honesty.

How much interest does Buynex pay monthly?

5٪ of your capital monthly

Can we withdraw interest monthly?

Yes, interest can be withdrawn on the 1st of every month

How much is the referral bonus?

6٪ , (0.5%) monthly for 12 months.

Can I have Buynex's social network ID?

The address and ID of social networks are placed on the contact us page of the website.

Can the capital be withdrawn before one year?

No, the contract in Buynex is 12 months. After 1 year, capital will be returned.

What should be the minimum investment amount?

1000 dollars

What is the maximum investment amount?

1 million dollars Users who intend to deposit more than one million dollars, get confirmation before depositing by communicating with our colleagues

What does Buynex do with the money we invest?

Buynex , with a team of experts in various fields of the market, as well as having diverse and different software systems, with the priority of capital preservation , grows people's capital.

Can I introduce someone to Buynex?

Yes, it is free to refer Buynex to others, you will even get rewarded if others invest.

Can you increase your profit monthly?

If you do not withdraw your interest and add it to your capital, you will receive compound interest

How long has Buynex been in operation?

Less than a year.

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